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Donation  All 9 Planets Business Stimulation, Finance, Cases, Recovery from Crisis, Capital Recovery, Legal Suite, Speedy Marriage, Divorce,  Desired Partner, Diplomatic Post, Protection, Peace & Happy life...
"Our past action's shape our future, Yajnas shape our present destiny"
                                                                                                  - Vedas

Personally answered by Your Astrologer

  • Gaining of wealth, property & finance
  • Maintaining good health and happiness
  • Safe, successful & comfortable journey
  • Faster recovery from chronic diseases
  • Harmony and stability in married life
  • Victory over the enemies
  • Well-being of the whole family Support in finding a job
  • Success to find a suitable life business partner
  • Winning of favour in a court case
  • Success in examination with high marks
  • Blessings of the spiritual master & Ishta devata
  • Owning good vehicles
  • More profits in business & removal of obstacles


Planet & their Stones / Rudraksha

Planets Gem Stone
Sun (Surya) Ruby (Manik)
Moon (Chandra) White Pearl (Moti)
Mars (Mangal) Red Coral (Moonga)
Mercury (Budha) Emerald (Panna)
Jupiter (Guru) Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)
Venus (Shukra) Diamond (Heera)
Saturn (Shani) Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
Rahu Gomedha
Ketu Cat's Eye (Lahusunia)


Vedic Yajnas

Yajna is a Vedic ritual, performed to appease the God. Yajna is a very useful in making the life more progressive. It also improves the quality of life. It is performed to invoke gods and favors to express joy and seek their blessings and smooth the progress of important achievements in life. Yajna is performed by Vedic pandits (Priests) intending to work with karmas in the horoscope.


Yajnas have no side effects rather they help in getting rid of impurities in the surroundings and purifying the atmosphere and diffuses negative energies. Devotee's name, his/her problems/knowledge is required for performing Yajna. Devotees can convey their righteous desires to the priest and Vedic scholars who pass the problem to the Almighty through the chanting of Mantras related to problems. The Yajnas are performed on behalf of the devotees. Devotees could become benefited, resulting in prosperous, contented and joyful life. Yajnas have no side effects rather they help in getting rid of impurities in the surroundings and purifying the atmosphere and diffuses negative energies. Yajnas are performed to achieve positive results.


Yajnas are performed for various purposes. It is also believed to cure diseases, destroy enemies, seeking divine hand for resolving problems, everyday jobs that seem unattainable can be soften or solved by Yajnas. This is a unique Vedic practice that can provide support in all fields and problems in every way. Yajnas could be performed for prosperity, happiness and health. Through Yajnas as it has been described in ancient Vedic scriptures, one can look forward to all round progress and achievements in life. Therefore, Yajnas are regarded as standard remedial measures, which can protect against all harmful influence of planets and solve any kind of problems.     




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